Stella Beakou

Dental surgeon, Esthetic dentistry

Esthetic dentistry

The field of dental science that corrects the smile of patients, improving the shape, size, color and position of the teeth.

The results are very impressive since the correction happens at an appointment. We use modern materials which give absolute naturalness to tooth, intervening in it with the least possible grinding.

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Reconstitution of the teeth

This is the recovery technique of a large part of the tooth due to decay, fracture, discoloration. In denervated teeth can be used with fiberglass shafts, with excellent results according to the extent of damage to the tooth.
In all cases where use is made of photopolymerizable resins last generation with excellent bond with the tooth substance.

Sparse teeth

Concerns the existence of a large space between two or more teeth. It can be caused by hypertrophic labial frenum, congenital missing teeth (usually the lateral incisors of the upper jaw) or orthodontic reasons.

 Depending on the case it is treated:

  • With orthodontic treatment
  • With the method of bonding
  • Cumulatively with porcelain veneers and finally
  • Can get implants or bridges or crowns.

Crooked teeth

The cases of misaligned teeth which resolved with orthodontic treatment, longer, compared with the technique of bonding or the prosthesis (crowns, bridges), where the results are immediate.


In complex cases the dentist intervenes with various techniques in combination (bonding, implants, bridges, partial or full dentures) to restore the smile and function of the mouth. In most cases, a tooth whitening and we have not intervene.

Teeth whitening

Tooth whitening is a technique that allows us to correct the color of the teeth giving our patients a whiter smile.

The techniques used are a) the clinic whitening with special devices and b) in the house where the patient wears special splints constructed for the case of the whitening material.

Usually is a combination of the two previous techniques for faster results.






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