Stella Beakou

Dental surgeon, Esthetic dentistry


Stella Beakou

Dental surgeon




Ms. Stella Beakou has been born, raised and educated in Athens.

She graduated from the Dental School of Athens in 1986 and has since engaged in general dentistry in private practice.

She deals with the overall rehabilitation of patients with special emphasis on aesthetics following all the modern methods.

She is a member of the Dental Association of Athens (OSA) and other scientific institutions.

She has attended numerous seminars in Greece and other countries with the subject in prosthetic dentistry in endodontics, implant dentists in periodontics, biomaterials, in cosmetic dentistry and other fields.

Examples include some of these:

  • "Emergency Response in Endodontics" (4 December 1999)
  • Seminar Greek Periodontology
  • 3rd Panhellenic Orthodontic Society and the Orthodontic Society of Northern Greece (16-17 October 1999)
  • "Tooth whitening Today 'Society of Contemporary Dentistry (26 February 2005)
  • Seminar Hyaluronate - 4th International Conference of Maxillofacial & Implant Odontkon - Biomaterials (E.E.O.O.G.E.V.) (3 July 2011)
  • Seminar BOTULINUM TOXIN - 4th International Congress of Maxillofacial & Implant Odontkon - Biomaterials (E.E.O.O.G.E.V.) (3 July 2011) and many others.




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