Stella Beakou

Dental surgeon, Esthetic dentistry


The branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of inflammation of the tissues around the tooth.

The reason is the existence of stone from defective teeth cleaning and not often controlled by the dentist (every 6 months should be cleaning the teeth). Initially manifested inflammation of the gums, which bleed and swell and (gingivitis).

With advancing age the inflammation progresses and the bone that supports the teeth resulting in absorption, manifested by increased mobility of teeth and finally their loss (advanced periodontitis). Sometimes occurs immigration and stripping teeth tooth root, gum recession due. In every case malodor due to inflammation.

The dentist with early diagnosis can prevent the progression of renal injury and restore tissue health. There are predisposing factors for the occurrence of periodontal disease such as smoking, heredity, diabetes, stress, patients with poor immune system or systemic diseases, hormonal disorders, traumatic convergence and primarily poor oral hygiene. Also taking some drugs




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