Stella Beakou

Dental surgeon, Esthetic dentistry

Oral surgery

Impacted wisdom teeth

The removal of impacted teeth or half impacted. With the guidance of radiography (sometimes required CT) opens the gum area that we want to remove and conservative surgery with the bone removed under local anesthesia the impacted tooth, the whole tooth or in pieces.

The area is sutured and after a week cut the sutures. The patient in the early days has a little swelling and because of the stitches over there can not chew comfortably. The pain is controlled with painkillers.

Tooth extraction

Removal of tumors

Removed under local anesthesia. which they always are sent for biopsy. There is intense pain and postoperative picture is very mild.

Root tip excision

Remove the tip of the root, in endodontically treated tooth that remains inflamed or have pain symptoms. Usually at the tip of the root canals there are lateral who they are not to be processed or there are fractures.

With local anesthesia, the surgery is done in a short time, with very mild postoperative course.











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